The Undercurrent Community-Based Staged Reading Series

The Undercurrent

Community-Based Staged Reading Series

May 29th          July 10th

August 21st     November 6th

A free staged reading series exploring contemporary voices and stories of our community.

Tigers Be Still By Kim Rosenstock Directed by Asher Johnson

Tigers Be Still

May 29th

By Kim Rosenstock
Directed by Asher Johnson

A comedy that follows the misadventures of Sherry Wickman, a young woman who has recently earned her masters degree in art therapy only to find herself moving back home with her family, sending out countless résumés and waiting for the job offer that never comes. Unemployed and overwhelmed, Sherry retreats to her childhood bed and remains there until an unexpected employment opportunity gives her a renewed sense of purpose and hope. Now if only her mother would come downstairs, her sister would get off the couch, her very first therapy patient would do just one of his take-home assignments, her new boss would leave his gun at home, and someone would catch the tiger that escaped from the local zoo, everything would be just perfect.

Donations Accepted for Wellspan Philhaven: Mental & Behavioral Healthcare Organization

Tigers Be Still By Kim Rosenstock Directed by Asher Johnson


July 10th

By Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Starleisha Gringrich

Nya, an inner-city public high school teacher, is committed to her students but desperate to give her only son Omari opportunities they’ll never have. When a controversial incident at his upstate private school threatens to get him expelled, Nya must confront his rage and her own choices as a parent. But will she be able to reach him before a world beyond her control pulls him away? With profound compassion and lyricism, Dominique Morisseau’s hard-hitting drama, Pipeline takes a deep look into the American educational system for underprivileged students. Don’t miss this deeply moving story of a mother’s fight to give her son a future — without turning her back on the community that made him who he is.

Donations Accepted for Disrupt Theatre Company: Lancaster’s Black Theatre

Tigers Be Still By Kim Rosenstock Directed by Asher Johnson

Native Gardens

August 21st

By Karen Zacarías
Directed by Maria Enriquez

Pablo, a high-powered lawyer, and doctoral candidate Tania, his very pregnant wife, are realizing the American dream when they purchase a house next door to community stalwarts Virginia and Frank. But a disagreement over a long-standing fence line soon spirals into an all-out war of taste, class, privilege, and entitlement. Can such different people from totally different backgrounds find a way to compromise? How can you love your neighbor when you’re sure they’re invading your space? The hilarious results guarantee no one comes out smelling like a rose. In this brilliant new comedy, cultures and gardens clash, turning well- intentioned neighbors into feuding enemies.

Donations Accepted for Teatro Paloma: Lancaster’s Latinx Theatre

Tigers Be Still By Kim Rosenstock Directed by Asher Johnson


November 6th

By David Harrower
Directed by Jeremy Patterson

Una, a 27-year-old woman, comes to visit Ray, a 55-year-old man, at his office. They are clearly not comfortable in each other’s company, and we soon find out why: Ray spent several years in prison for having an illegal relationship with Una. Now, 15 years later, she has found him by accident, and the play delves into their complex feelings for each other. Though clearly, and definitionally, sexual abuse has occurred, the play that ensues is also part of a love story — a horrible love story, but a love story all the same. Winner of the Olivier Award for Best Play, Blackbird is a deeply complex portrayal of two people whose ruined lives are inextricably intertwined.

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